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Originals WineHouse Grand Wines Romania promises to bring wines from Romania, appreciated and awarded at international competitions. With a wine history of more than 2,000 years, Romania is renowned worldwide for the wine-growing areas in which the backyard recipe that gives astonishment to today's wonderful white, rose and red licorice recipes is kept.

Domestic varieties of vines

Created (Riesling de Banat) - produces uni- or birpa-sized, medium-sized, cylindro-conic grapes, dense berries on clusters, yellow-green, and sometimes yellow-golden, very juicy core. Galbena Odobesti - variety of high productivity, with medium to large grapes, cylindo-conical, uniaripati and rarely biaripati, dense berries on bunches, green-yellow color with silver shades. Jordan (Jordan) - produces medium sized grapes, cylindrical-conical shape, medium-sized, spherical, greenish-yellow, succulent. Grass of Cotnari - produces medium-sized grains of cylindrical-conical shape, round or slightly oval grains, thin yellow-greenish skin with rust stains, semisemous core, characteristically reflected in wine. Feteasca alba - produces cylindro-conical grapes, often arpa, of small size, with spherical and small grains, with a pistilar point, dense and evenly arranged, thin green-green skin, tender, tasteful pulp pleasantly characteristic. Feteasca regala (yellow of Ardeal, Danasana) - produces cylindrical or cylindrical grapes with unilateral or biaripati, with uneven, small, spherical and dense eyelids, thin skirt, yellowish-green, pistilar, flesh, discreet aroma found in w ...