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Short History of Wine in Romania

In this area, wine production is an occupation dating back to the 7th century BC, the ancient inhabitants of the Danube, the Black Sea and the Carpathian lands get the most precious wine, and the vine was one of their most prominent riches . They used to drink the wine poured in ox horns, in ulcers or even in gourds. In the time of the great king Burebista, the founder of the first centralized state if the wine had become a great passion for the Dacians, that the king, counseled by the high priest Deceneu, took the measure of the deforestation of the vine. His action was determined also because of the interest shown by Dacia's neighboring peoples and who were often making incursions here. With all the measures that Burebista and Deceneu would have taken, it is well known that when the Romans arrived in Dacia, the cultivation of vineyards was practiced on vast areas of land. After Dacia was conquered by the Romans (in the year 106), the coins in the new province represented a woman whose two children offered her grapes as a symbol of the country's main wealth. The Romans brought new varieties of vines to Dacia, introduced new cutting methods and winemaking practices. Later, ...